Faculty, Staff Recognized at 2017 Years of Service Luncheon

By RetterJ | May 24, 2017

On May 24, Arcadia University celebrated the careers and achievements of faculty and staff at the annual Years of Service Luncheon. The following earned special recognition for their service to Arcadia.

25 Years of Service
  • Dr. Jonathan T. Church, professor and program director of Anthropology: “Jon has established himself as an indispensable leader of the faculty, sharing expertise on issues ranging from governance, to research ethics, to online pedagogy. A valued mentor and advisor, Jon raises students’ expectations of themselves and meets his own standard of excellence.”
  • Mark E. Dean, adjunct professor of Art Therapy: “Mark is a very knowledgeable professor with a great sense of humor. Interesting, intelligent, and willing to help students, Mark displays passion and enthusiasm for Art Therapy that is contagious.”
  • Geoffrey A. Haywood, associate professor of Historical and Political Studies: “Geoff’s 25 years at Arcadia have been filled with engaging stories and astute analysis provided to thousands of history students. Teaching a stunning range of topics, Geoff draws in students as he mixes rigorous coursework with warmth and wit. His colleagues appreciate these same qualities— as well as his tales of soccer matches and New Zealand rugby triumphs. Geoff’s boundless curiosity and kindness have set an example for us all.”
  • Dr. Linda Mascavage, professor of Chemistry: “Linda is an active scholar highly respected by her students, her fellow faculty, and her collaborators. She has been teaching organic chemistry for the past 25 years with distinction, and is the recipient of the Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award, as well as the American Chemical Society’s Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching award. We are most thankful for her years of service.”
  • Dr. Marianne Miserandino, professor of Psychology: “With many talents and hobbies, Marianne is the Psychology Department’s ‘Renaissance Woman.’ Her career at Arcadia is marked by numerous academic achievements, including the American Psychological Association’s teaching award, as well as Arcadia’s Lindback Teaching Award and Professor of the Year award.”
35 Years of Service
  • Sarah J. Cooper, assistant professor of Biology: “Sarah is an integral member of the Arcadia University community. Students, faculty, and staff value her knowledge, the quality of her instruction, and the respect she shows every individual with whom she interacts. The Biology Department especially values her wisdom and perspective, and feels fortunate to have her as a colleague.”
  • Richard L. Garvin, adjunct professor of Computer Science and Mathematics: “Rick has been an integral part of the Computer Science program since its beginning.  His versatility has allowed him to teach 11 different computer science and mathematics courses over the past 68 semesters. He brings to the classroom an enthusiasm for teaching as well as state-of-the-art technical knowledge, and students praise his ability to make complex concepts understandable.”
  • Jan Tecklin, professor of Physical Therapy (also recognized as a 2017 retiree and Professor Emeritus): “Jan has served with distinction since the Physical Therapy program’s beginning, leading the department through significant growth and change. He is an outstanding scholar, an enthusiastic ambassador and colleague, and [the Physical Therapy Department] owes him much gratitude.”
40 Years of Service
  • Dr. Jo Ann Weiner, associate professor and chair of the English Department: “It has been sheer delight to serve alongside someone with a sense of dignity and humor, fairness and courage. Through all these decades, Jo Ann has been the person to turn to. A warm soul with a rich inner life, Jo Ann is immensely thoughtful of others’ needs, and she has much flint and iron in her soul. Her contributions to the department and to the University curriculum have been many.”
  • Dr. Edward F. Wolff, professor of Computer Science and Mathematics: “Ned is an extraordinary instructor and mentor. Students, alumni, and parents regularly write to express their gratitude to Ned for going well beyond the scope of his responsibilities. He is also recognized nationally for his work in reforming Calculus at the high school level. Ned is truly a gem and we are incredibly lucky to have him with us.”
Retiring Faculty and Staff
  • Dr. Jeanne Buckley, associate dean of Library and Instructional Technology: “Jeanne is a leader, innovator, and mentor to both staff and faculty in the Library. The opportunities she provided not only allowed her colleagues to grow, but to exceed their own expectations and excel.”
  • Dr. Louis Friedler, program director of Actuarial Science and professor of Computer Science and Mathematics: Dr. Friedler joined Arcadia in 1991 as an associate professor, and he has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in Mathematics and Chinese film. While Dr. Friedler’s research focused on graph theory, actuarial science, and international mathematics education, his interest in China and film led him to teach “Chinese Film: A Window on China” each semester.
  • Robert Kieserman, senior faculty member in the School of Global Business: “Bob contributed his talents to many successful projects as a writer, consultant, researcher, publisher, editor, conference planner, and television and radio producer. The School of Global Business is deeply indebted to his hard work and perseverance.”
  • Linda Wackerman, cashier in the One Stop Shop: “Linda was the smiling face Arcadians came to know when visiting the One-Stop Shop. A proud mother and grandmother, she always had a story to share about her family, and could be counted on to brighten the day of anyone she spoke with.”
  • Judith G. Wiley, assistant professor of Psychology: “Judy has always been known in the Psychology Department for her care and compassion for all living creatures, including her grandchildren, her students, and most importantly—two decades of lab rats.”
Martha Washington Award
  • Sharon Anthony, payroll manager in the Office of Human Resources (winner): “Sharon displays extreme devotion to her responsibilities— she is never late, works past midnight to complete tasks, and once processed payroll while confined to a hospital bed. Office legend speaks of a decade during which Sharon refused to take paid time off for fear that an Arcadia employee would not be paid. According to her colleagues, ‘She won’t stop working even if you tell her to.’ For Sharon, making a mistake is not an option. Her attention to detail is uncompromising— a quality that is especially impressive when one realizes she alone processes payroll. Her reputation, combined with superior interpersonal skills, makes her a highly sought after co-worker. Faculty and staff know that they can call her with any question. Sharon’s calm demeanor serves as a reminder that no problem is unsolvable, and encourages her coworkers to engage in thoughtful, productive conversations surrounding workplace issues. In her 16 years as Payroll Manager, Sharon has defined herself as a trusted steward of the community.”
  • Kathy McGovern, director of Student Health Services: “A key player when it comes to the wellbeing of Arcadia students, Kathy exhibits an exceptional work ethic, going above and beyond her duties to take the lead during medical emergencies. Her motto— ‘Keeping us all safe’— is reflected in the care, competence, and sensitivity she exhibits when providing health services to students. Her professionalism and demeanor help all members of the University community feel heard, respected, and valued. Kathy has improved the accessibility of international health services for students, joined the Physician Assistant program’s medical mission trip to Guatemala, and fostered relationships with local health organizations to increase educational programming on campus. A scholar and practitioner, Kathy remains an active and informed member of the health care field. When collaborating with offices and departments across campus, Kathy is compassionate, empathetic, and supportive—qualities that make her a role model to her colleagues. She demonstrates excellence every day, and does so with a sense of humor and kind-hearted smile. Kathy’s health and wellness expertise, dedication to students, and passion for her work are unparalleled.”
  • Mark Lapreziosa, vice president for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs: “When Enrollment Management staff are asked what they like best about working at Arcadia, many respond, ‘We have an amazing VP.’ A member of the University community for 33 years, Mark has distinguished himself as an encouraging leader, positive role model, and mentor to young professionals. Through changes in higher education, Mark has remained upbeat and effective. His dedication, resolve, sense of humor, and love for Arcadia motivates his team, encouraging ideas that are innovative, fiscally minded, and imbued with a deep knowledge of enrollment trends. Always reassuring, Mark is the first to build confidence, offer advice, and recognize a job well done. The University depends on the relationships he builds and the goals he puts into action. Mark works tirelessly in support of students, faculty, and staff, inspiring members of the University community to achieve goals and exceed expectations. His colleagues describe him as “unfailingly optimistic and easily approachable,” always with an open door to listen to concerns. Mark’s management style empowers all who work with him to be reliable and efficient, engage with students, and remain deeply committed to Arcadia.”
  • Mia Wittels, assistant director for employer relations in the Office of Career Education: “A valued contributor to Arcadia’s Office of Career Education, Mia has taken employer relations to a new level, developing hundreds of professional opportunities for students and alumni. Her reliability, innovation, and efficiency, combined with her innate desire to help students achieve success, fuels her mission to improve services and technologies for OCE. Colleagues describe Mia’s brain as ‘a supercomputer,’ as she’s able to produce an extraordinary volume of work while maintaining quality, accuracy, and high standards for herself and others. Highly organized, she keeps track of details and exhibits a high level of productivity as she executes ideas and takes on new challenges. Mia works beyond the expected parameters of her job, and goes out of her way to assist coworkers, share her knowledge and expertise, and seize professional opportunities. Mia strives for perfection in everything she does, and the University has benefited from her creative problem-solving, analytical abilities, infectious enthusiasm, and tireless work ethic.”
  • Danielle Duffy, head athletic trainer: “Responsible for injury prevention, evaluation, and treatment planning, Danielle helps to ensure a safe and meaningful athletic experience for Arcadia’s student-athletes. Colleagues regard Danielle as a fantastic trainer, tremendous person, and the biggest cheerleader of Arcadia Knights—whether she’s elevating student care, contributing to community service efforts, or mentoring staff on how to best support their teams. With nearly 400 student-athletes at Arcadia, Danielle oversees practices that often range from 6 a.m to 11 p.m. She not only provides thorough clinical care, but confirms that students are emotionally and mentally strong—often making students smile and laugh as they overcome hurdles. Danielle wasted no time establishing deep connections with athletes, and serves as a trusted role model to many. It is no surprise that Danielle’s student-athlete evaluations are overwhelmingly positive, with comments such as, ‘Danielle is a wonderful trainer who cares about everyone’s health and safety.’ Danielle’s clinical knowledge is first-class, her ability to balance tasks is second-to-none, and her commitment to Arcadia Athletics is remarkable.”
  • Janet Greenstreet, administrative assistant to the Department of English: “With relentless good humor, Janet always takes initiative and steps in. She has or finds the answer to any question posed, and rarely asks ‘how.’ Simply put: Janet gets things done. With typical modesty, Janet has remarked that her job is to ‘support the faculty so they can enhance the academic experience for students.’ With unusual tact and nuanced understanding, she does whatever she can to improve students’ well-being. Interactions with Janet leave students, faculty, and staff feeling upbeat, and her cheerfulness and lively disposition affect the atmosphere around her. In the words of one colleague: ‘It’s like morning coffee.’ Janet goes above and beyond every day, conveying calm, competence, and confidence while maintaining consistent dedication to performance excellence in all her dealings with faculty, staff, and students. She has become part of the fabric of the Arcadia community, demonstrating what it means to be an engaged, lifelong learner. Janet is an invaluable representative of Arcadia University, and, above all, a friend to so many across campus.”
  • Christine Miller, assistant director of the Office of Field Placement and Student Teaching in the School of Education: “An unsung hero working behind-the-scenes, Christine is essential to the smooth functioning of Arcadia’s School of Education. Her warmth and responsiveness in making sure students have meaningful experiences cannot be overstated. She handles tasks with a deeply held intention of supporting pre-service teachers in gaining the knowledge they need to make a difference. She is a staunch student advocate, helping all those she works with to see possibilities rather than obstacles. Christine takes courageous steps to set things right when she sees injustice, and often diffuses crises before they are visible to those involved. She provides guidance to new staff and faculty, celebrates her colleagues’ accomplishments, and instills confidence in Arcadia as she builds positive partnerships with various organizations. It’s no surprise that many seek her advice and support. Guided by her intellectual curiosity, Christine asks insightful questions, brings new ideas forward, and illustrates ways to be practical, ambitious, and hopeful in imagining Arcadia’s future. She has significantly enhanced the sense of community at Arcadia, and she has set herself apart as a hardworking, engaged, and committed colleague.”
  • Linda Carney, administrative assistant to the Department of Physical Therapy: “Linda manages multiple roles and responsibilities in the Physical Therapy Department with quiet efficiency— an indication that, thanks to her excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, and initiative, the department thrives without complaint. A wealth of information and skill, Linda is proficient at developing effective processes, matching tasks to the strengths of her colleagues, and managing coworkers and crises with care. An outstanding problem solver, Linda is regarded by her colleagues as ‘the engine that keeps day-to-day operations running smoothly.’ Her interpersonal skills create pleasant, welcoming office and classroom environments. Linda is always there to provide a supportive voice and sympathetic ear to students and staff alike. While fostering a climate of mutual respect, Linda has become a trusted adviser to many in the department as well as a favorite among students, who acknowledge her as ‘key in helping physical therapists successfully navigate the program.’ Her diligence, hard work, integrity, and good nature make her an indispensable colleague and an outstanding representative of Arcadia University.