Arcadia and the Korman Family Dedicate the Laura Minerva Korman Mirror Room

By Andrea Walls | January 17, 2020

Arcadia President Ajay Nair and James Korman at the dedication.

Grey Towers Castle has long stood as a symbol of Arcadia University, its students, and its alumni. Now, the Mirror Room, one of the Castle’s shining examples of elegance, will bear the name of one of the University’s most dedicated alumnae. 

On Jan. 16, more than 125 members of the Arcadia community gathered in Grey Towers Castle to hear the special announcement in memory of former trustee Laura M. Korman ’89,’95M (1967-2017).

Alongside Laura’s husband, James, Arcadia President Ajay Nair announced the naming of the Laura Minerva Korman Mirror Room. Members of Laura’s family, personal friends, and the Kormans’ sons, Henry and William, and daughter, Josephine, were also present in loving tribute to their mother, joined by Arcadia students, alumni, and friends. 

“The impact that Laura had on the Arcadia community is renowned,” President Nair said. “She cared deeply for students and wanted to ensure that Arcadians valued their learning experiences as much as she cherished her own.”

The Laura Minerva Korman Mirror Room holds poignant memories for the Korman family. Married in Grey Towers Castle in 1994, Laura and James Korman had their first dance to Stevie Wonder’s “Ribbon in the Sky.” As a celebratory tribute, Professor Sam Heifetz performed a moving rendition of the iconic song during the room’s dedication ceremony.

“Arcadia, and the education she received here, meant so much to Laura,” James Korman said. “She was most passionate about the Arcadia student experience, and I want to honor her by establishing an annual student celebration here in the Laura Minerva Korman Mirror Room with music, food, and fun.” 

Korman inspired the University community with her compassionate leadership and meaningful generosity. She served on the Alumni Board of Directors, co-chaired the Class President’s Committee, engaged with prospective students as an alumni admissions representative, and organized Alumni Reunion events as co-president of her graduating class. She expanded scholarship opportunities, enhanced campus facilities, and strengthened the Preview program for Arcadia students. Korman received both the Golden Disc for Meritorious Service (2005) and the Mary Louise Armstrong Wolf Award (2007) for her efforts.