Philosophy at Arcadia

Simone de Beauvoir argued that the question we all must ask is whether we want to be here, and if so, under what conditions. Philosophy—the pursuit of wisdom—is a powerful method for seeking answers to that question.

Philosophy, as a discipline, has traditionally been a steppingstone to graduate school and teaching at the college level. A Philosophy B.A. is also an asset for graduate work and careers in law, journalism, diplomacy, civil service, as well as in industry management positions where complex problem solving and effective communication are valued skills. 

With a variety of philosophical methodologies and interdisciplinary approaches, students study the production and justification of knowledge, theories of reality and human existence, freedom and responsibility, and the status of values.

The Philosophy degree offers a balanced introduction to philosophy as both a theoretical and applied discipline. Effort is made to show the relationships of philosophical thought to art, education, history, literature, mathematics, politics, religion, science, and current events.