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Important Dates

  • Summer 2015 Registration has begun
  • Fall 2015 Registration begins March 30
  • Spring 2016 Registration begins November 2

Course Schedules

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Please be sure to check your account status prior to registration to identify any holds—financial or other obligations owed to the University.  Anyone with a hold will NOT be eligible to register for courses until the hold is resolved. 

Course Code Department Prefixes

A listing of prefixes to use in searching courses.

Biology BI
Chemistry/Physics CH, PH
Computer Science/Mathematics CS, MA
Education ED
English EN
English Language Institute ESL
Forensic Science (Graduate FS students only) FS
First Year Seminars FY
Genetic Counseling (Graduate GC students only) GC
Global Business BA, EC, HA, SPM
Global Connections GCR
Global Field Study (travel courses*some require an additional travel fee) GFS
Historical & Political Studies HS, IS, PS
Honors (Honors Program students only) HN
Humanities HU
Interdepartmental ID
International Peace and Conflict Resolution (Graduate IPCR students only) IP
Liberal Studies LB
Media Communications CM
Medical Science (Graduate PA students only) PA
Modern Languages (Arabic, American Sign Language, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Linguistics, Russian, Spanish) AR, AS, CHI, FR, GM, HBR, IT, JA, KOR, LING, RUS, SP
Music MU
Philosophy & Religion PL, RE
Physical Therapy (Graduate DPT&TDPT students only) PT
Psychology PY
Public Health PBH
Sociology/Criminal Justice/Anthropology SO, CJ, AN, GS
University Seminars US 
Visual & Performing Arts (Art Education, Art History, Art Therapy, Fine Arts, Scientific Illustration, Theater) AE, AH, AT, FA, SI, TH

Course Search Tips