Loco Mag Semesterly Pizza Event Returns to Easton Pond

By Ryan Hiemenz | October 12, 2023
Loco Mag staff standing at the counter where they sold pizzas.

Students from the Philadelphia lifestyle magazine, Loco Mag, served homemade pizzas and mocktails at Easton Pond as a part of their series of semesterly pizza fundraising events. The magazine staff set up shop next to the pond, with everyone pitching in to bring enough homemade dough and sauce, cheese, drinks, and of course, an outdoor pizza oven.

The pizzas were sold for $6 and the mocktails, which had four distinct flavors; Scarlet Spritzer, Blue Easton Fizz, Sublime Apple Sour, and Loco-tini, were sold for $3 each. Followers of Loco Mag on social media were also gifted a free cookie as a thank you for the support. All proceeds from this event go towards funding the magazine’s semesterly print edition.

Loco Mag operates out of Arcadia University’s CM101: Publication Practicum course, which provides students with hands-on experience running and collaborating on a magazine. Though Dr. Michael D. Dwyer oversees the class (and owns the pizza oven), the class is led entirely by this year’s Co-Editors-in-Chief, Jewel Miller ’24 and Jake Horan ’24.

A student watching a pizza cook in the outdoor pizza oven.

Though it was created as a way to fundraise for the magazine, it’s grown into a beloved event for the Loco Mag staff and the Arcadia community alike. “It’s fun to execute and as a class it gives us a team building experience,” said Miller. “It gets everyone involved and gets the word out about the magazine to campus in ways that just publishing the magazine doesn’t. People are very persuaded by pizza.”

Horan echoed Miller’s point about involvement by saying, “I know in previous years, there were some people on staff who I never would’ve talked to if it hadn’t been for this event every semester.” He added, “It’s a lot of hard work getting something like this together. Obviously it’s lots of effort to make pizzas and run the event, but also lots of planning behind the scenes.”

The Loco Mag staff sold over 35 pizzas, with praises being shared all around Easton Pond. Recent alumnus Vincent Sergiacomi ’22 said, “In all my years I’ve never had pizza like this, it’s the most magnificent pizza I have ever tasted.”

“In this world there are your mediocre pizzas, and then there’s pizzas like this,” explained English and French double major, Julianna Reidell ’25. “Just by looking at it you know something special is going to happen. Is that love? Maybe. Regardless, this pizza gave me that very sensation.”

Loco Mag has a variety of content, from videos and podcasts to written articles, that can be all be viewed on the Loco Mag website or by following them @locomag on social media.