Phase Two of the MultiFunction Device and Print Management Services Roll Out

By Caitlin T. Burns | August 17, 2020

Dear Arcadia University Campus Community,

We’ve completed phase two of the print management project led by Mail and Print and Information Technology. Arcadia’s new business partner, Fraser Advanced Information Systems, has removed Canon devices that were at the end of lease term, relocated some Canon devices owned by the University, and installed new Sharp devices in multiple areas throughout campus. To use the Canon devices, continue to log in with the account code assigned to your department. 

The new Sharp devices are equipped with card readers that allow for more features, including printing to devices using a KnightCard and secure confidential printing.

To print to the new Sharp devices:

  • Link your KnightCard to any device
  • Swipe your KnightCard in front of the card reader
  • Enter your User Name and Password. This will be the same log in you use on PortalGuard to access the Arcadia network.
  • Swipe your KnightCard across the card reader on ANY Sharp device and your account will show up indicating if there are print jobs in your queue. 
  • You can also copy and scan to email. IT is working on additional scanning options.
  • For those who have an old ID card that the card reader will not recognize, click on the PIN option and enter the entire ID number on your Arcadia ID card.

To find the Sharp device on the Arcadia print server:

  • Open a document to print and locate the Arcadia Find Me Print queue on your computer.
  • If Arcadia Find Me Print does not appear as a choice on your printer drop down list,
    • Hold down the Windows key and letter “R”simultaneously to open a Run command
    • Type \printsrv 
    • Hit OK to pull up a list of all printers
    • Choose “Arcadia Find Me Printing”

Use Arcadia Find Me Printing for the Sharp devices. This printer is a secure print queue that holds your print jobs for four hours on a server. These jobs can be released on any Sharp copier on campus by logging in to the device with your KnightCard, or Username and password or PIN.

If you experience printer issues including error messages or paper jams, please contact

Fraser will conduct additional onsite training as needed and has supplied instructional videos for self-training. Please contact Mimi Bassetti if you’d like to set up training with a Fraser tech.

Mail and Print Services is the primary place and most efficient and cost-effective way to have larger print and copy jobs completed. Mail and Print continues to operate with reduced hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. Print and copy jobs can be sent via email.  Attach a file to an email with specific instructions to The printing or copies can be delivered to a campus office or mailed to a home address for those working remotely. Postage charges for mailings will be billed to the ordering department.