Daijah J Patton

About Me

Hello! My name is Daijah and I am part of the Class of 2022! I am a Student Ambassador, I also work in the Enrollment Management office (Yay Admissions!), and finally I am an Orientation Leader!! My major includes English with a Concentration of Creative Writing, and a minor in Secondary Education. I used to live in Philadelphia, and moved to Chester County almost 5 years ago, but found a home in Arcadia that is conveniently placed near my true home, Philly (GOOO Birds!). As a sophomore here at Arcadia, I have joined two lovely clubs. I am a Scarlet Stepper, which is our step team on campus, and I'm also a Cabaret participant which is our Under Siege theater club! Besides the clubs I'm in, I love going to see other performances, sports games, and more! Arcadia Is such a great community and I haven't been able to compare it to any other school I've attended. Plus, where else can you take a Harry Potter class??! Some things about me is that I am an avid Netflix watcher (ask me about any show I bet I've watched it), a slam poetry writer, a DIE hard Eagles fan, and I also play the piano and sing! I hope to see you around on campus, don't be afraid to say hello! :)

Home Country: United States

Hometown: Thorndale, Pennsylvania

Languages Spoken: English

Education History

Arcadia University 2022

Minor in Secondary Education