School of Education

Undergraduate Education Overview

PreK-4 (B.A., certification)

PreK-4 (B.A., certification, Part-time for Working Professionals only)

Education Studies (B.A., Minor)

Education Studies (B.A., Major)

Secondary Education (B.A. or B.S. in Secondary Disciplinary Area with a minor track in Secondary Education leading to certification):

  • Biology (7-12), Chemistry (7-12), English (7-12), General Science (7-12), Mathematics (7-12), or Social Studies (7-12)

Art Education K-12 (B.F.A. in Fine Arts with  Art Education certification)

Elementary Mathematics Education (Minor)

Early Entry Master's Program  

Undergraduate students enrolled in the fall of their junior year apply for Early Entry to a Master's program with Arcadia University’s School of Education. Upon acceptance to the program, students can begin taking graduate courses as early as the spring of their junior year. Students may select to apply to one of the following M.Ed. programs:

  • M.Ed. with a concentration in Literacy Studies: TESOL  and Reading (with certification paths for ESL and Reading Specialist K-12)  
  • M.Ed. with a concentration in Secondary Education (with certification paths in  (Biology, Chemistry, English, General Science, Mathematics and Social Studies)
  • M.Ed. with a concentration in Special Education 
  • M.Ed. with a concentration in Integrative STEM Education
  • M.Ed. with an individualized concentration consisting of multiple certificates (Autism, Applied Behavior Analysis, Infant-Toddler Mental Health, ESL, STEM)