Student Handbook

Financial Aid

Revised August 6, 2021

Kistler Hall, Main Desk in Room #5
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Information concerning financial aid, scholarships, loans and grants is available in the Office of Enrollment Management, located in Kistler Hall, Main Desk in Room #5.  Every effort is made to ensure that students demonstrating financial need and academic progress are awarded aid. If you encounter unexpected financial difficulties after aid is granted or during the school year, you are urged to discuss your problems with the Office of Enrollment Management, 215-572-2980 or via e-mail at Students can also view their up-to-date financial aid information, including their current awards and required documents via the Financial Aid Portal at Online Financial Literacy resources regarding financial health and education are available at

Students should be aware that Arcadia University is required by federal regulation to monitor student progression toward completion of his/her degree. This Satisfactory Academic Progress Standard includes both a quantitative and qualitative measure of progress. Students can view detailed information regarding Arcadia's Undergraduate Satisfactory Academic progress policies at