Student Handbook

Motor Vehicles and Parking Regulations

Revised August 2, 2022

Public Safety
Dilworth Hall

KnightCard Services
Facilities, Dilworth Hall or 215-572-2362

Public Safety Page

Any motor vehicle that you operate on University property, either regularly or temporarily, must be registered and is subject to the driving and parking regulations issued by the University. The University is not responsible for any car on campus, property in a vehicle, damage caused by accidents, or for mechanical problems.


If you plan to park a car on campus you must purchase a parking decal from KnightCard Services in Dilworth Hall, at the beginning of the academic year or the spring semester. All registered vehicles must display a Parking Decal. Parking Decals expire on Aug. 31 of each year. Part-time evening and weekend students may receive their parking decal from KnightCard Services. All vendors are to check in with Public Safety for a temporary permit for any prolonged parking on campus.
First-Year resident students are not permitted to have cars on campus during the first year. Requests for permission regarding this policy must be submitted via the Parking Exception Form located on the Public Safety web site under Parking. Please feel free to call with questions at 215-572-2992 or email

To acquire a parking decal, an application must be completed at KnightCard Services or online via Rydin (PortalGuard Directory). The office is located in Facilities, Dilworth Hall. Students will need a valid vehicle registration, proof of insurance and operator’s license when completing the application. 

Student Parking

All parking lots are specifically marked. Arcadia has Students, Faculty/Staff and open parking lots. All parking lots require a parking permit (either a vinyl parking decal or a cardboard temporary parking permit). The temporary parking permits can be used for a maximum of 3 consecutive days. A guest is someone who comes to campus to visit a student. A visitor is someone who is here to conduct business with faculty or staff.

Parking Penalties

All fines are to be paid by cash, check, or placed on a student account, within five business days of being issued a citation, at Student Accounts Office, 777 Limekiln Pike.

Guest and Visitor Parking

If you have a guest or visitor on campus with a vehicle, you need to obtain a temporary parking permit from Knight Card Services or Public Safety Office in Dilworth Hall (215-5172-2362 or 215-572-2800). 

Motorcycles, Motorbikes and Scooters

If you have a motorcycle, motorbike or scooter on campus, you must adhere to the same “moving” and parking regulations that apply to all vehicles. Parking inside buildings and on walk-ways is strictly prohibited at all times. All motorcycles, motorbikes and scooters need to be registered.


Bicycles are not to be stored in corridors, lobbies, or under steps. Bike storage racks are located throughout campus outside administrative buildings and residence halls. At the end of the academic year, Facilities will remove any bikes left abandoned on campus bike racks. Contact the Student Affairs Office at 215-572-2933 for appropriate locations for parking or storing your bicycle. Motorbikes and motorcycles are subject to all of the regulations governing motor vehicles and must be registered with Knight Card Services.