Student Handbook

PNC Bank

Revised March 18, 2020

PNC Bank
One-Stop Shop, Taylor Hall, Suite 100, 215-517-2339

 PNC Bank is Arcadia’s banking partner and offers the following services:

  • Two on-campus ATMs; one located in the lower level of the Kuch Center and the other located in the lower level of the Dining Complex.
  • Virtual Wallet Student features include: free of service charges and minimum balance requirements for six years; no PNC charge up to twice per statement period for using another bank’s ATM and up to $5 refunded per statement period for ATM surcharges assessed by other banks; overdraft fees for the first overdraft event waved; no paper statement fees
  • PNC Auto Alerts via e-mail and/or text message to help students monitor their spending and account balances.
  • Customized Web sites, hosted by PNC, where students can complete account applications, manage their finances and find financial and educational information.
  • The PNC Glenside Branch is less than a mile walk up Easton Road.
  • More information can be found at