Initiatives from $300K Department of Justice Grant

By Caitlin Burns | March 5, 2021

In 2018, the University received a three-year, $300,000 grant from the Department of Justice (DOJ) Office on Violence Against Women. Among the initial initiatives through the grant were hiring a full-time prevention specialist (Alison Berk) and creating the Office of Sexual and Gender-based Violence Prevention and Education.

As Arcadia submits an extension of the grant with the DOJ, it recounts the initiatives and accomplishments that were made possible through the grant:

Student Conduct

  • Created the first streamlined and regular training for advisors to the student conduct process
  • Completed a comprehensive policy review with the Victim Rights Law Center and the Clery Center 

Victim Services

  • Created Students’ Rights and Resources Brochure
  • Created an Arcadia-specific Safety Planning Tool and implemented training on the use of the tool for all Office of Equity and Civil Rights staff, Counseling Services staff, and Public Safety staff
  • Created and implemented the Helping You Do You campaign designed to reduce barriers reported by students on the campus climate survey to reporting incidents of sexual- and gender-based violence to the institution and accessing other resources.  

Public Safety

  • Created a formal protocol guiding Public Safety’s ability to provide students who have experienced sexual- or gender-based violence with transportation to off-campus resources and court appointments, among other locations
  • Created the permission slip program, designed to streamline and speed up access to services for campus community members who have experienced sexual- or gender-based violence, particularly outside of regular business hours 
  • With East Central Oklahoma University, completed a comprehensive protocol and procedure review.

Comprehensive Prevention

  • Implemented accountability measures to ensure that all incoming (first-year and transfer) students receive education regarding the dynamics of sexual- and gender-based violence, on- and off-campus resources that exist, and how to access them
  • Created GoodKnights, Arcadia’s first peer education program focusing on mental health and wellbeing, sexual health and wellbeing, and sexual- and gender-based violence
  • Designed and implemented bystander intervention training, which is now annual and mandatory, for all student-athletes and team coaches
  • Designed and implemented annual training for resident and commuter assistants for on- and off-campus resources that exist, and Title IX mandatory reporting duties and how to execute them compassionately and effectively.

As Arcadia hopes to extend the grant with the DOJ, the University wants to thank all students, faculty, staff, and community members for their participation and support in these crucial initiatives and programs. Arcadia looks forward to accomplishing even more on this vital work.