Student Handbook

Fire Regulations

Revised August 12, 2019

Tampering with fire-fighting equipment or alarm systems is considered a serious offense. Offenses such as the reckless discharging of a fire extinguisher or not vacating the building when the alarm sounds, even though an offender may have playful rather than malicious motives, will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary action and fines.

To ensure the safety and protection of the entire University community, the following precautions and standards must be observed:

  1. Candles, incense, and candle warmers/wax melters are prohibited in students’ rooms.
  2. Smoking is not permitted in any residence hall room or public area within University housing.
  3. Fire doors are doors that close automatically within the residence halls (including suite doors of Knight Hall and hallway doors in Oak Summit). These doors may not be propped open.
  4. Materials may not be placed over exit signs, fire doors, or any electrical light fixture, including those in student rooms.
  5. Displays and/or decorations of paper, dried vegetation, corrugated cardboard, or light plastics are prohibited.
  6. Stairwell and exit lights must be on at all times.
  7. Decorations for various holidays must meet the standards of safety published by Residence & Commuter Life.
  8. When the fire alarm sounds, EVERYONE must evacuate the building. Residence & Commuter Life and Public Safety coordinate fire drills each semester. Fire alarm boxes are located on each corridor.