Student Handbook

Quiet Hours

Revised August 21, 2018

Whatever other functions a university or residence hall may serve, its essential role is to provide an atmosphere conducive to study. The University requires that students demonstrate the mutual respect and consideration that neighbors or members of any community owe to one another. It is important to remember that a residence hall, by its very nature, breeds noise to a certain extent. No one expects residents to remain silent in their own “home” at Arcadia University. However, standards of common courtesy and respect for the rights of others are more essential here, perhaps, than anywhere else. Residents are asked to refrain from yelling out of windows and down hallways, blasting stereos or having loud gatherings in their rooms. The playing of sports or activities in the hallway that disturb others is not permitted.

Minimum Quiet Hours, established by the University, are 11 p.m. to 8 a.m. Sunday through Thursday; and 1 a.m. to 9 a.m. Friday and Saturday. There will be a 24-hour quiet period during the week preceding and throughout finals week. Quiet Hours means no loud talking in the hallways and lounges, and no sound to be heard outside your room during the entire time period. It is the responsibility of all residents to hold one another accountable for maintaining quiet hours.

In addition, although Quiet Hours have been established, it does not mean that you may ignore your neighbors’ rights during other hours, which are commonly referred to as courtesy hours.