Student Handbook

On-Campus Support

Revised August 9, 2022

Counseling Services Alcohol and Other Drug Program
Location: Counseling Center, Ground Floor of Heinz Hall, 215-572-2967
Services include:

  • Confidential counseling for self-referred students
  • Assessment and education to mandated students
  • Consultations with faculty and staff
  • Educational outreach on campus
  • Referrals to off-campus resources when necessary
  • Maintains a library of materials to borrow
  • Collaborates with other campus departments to review AOD Policy and procedures; design and implement prevention and intervention strategies
  • Work with regional colleges and universities and local organizations to unify approaches for substance abuse prevention among college students

Any contact made with this office is held in strictest confidence. No information can be released without the individual’s consent. The service the office provides can include one session to on- going sessions throughout the year. Appointments are easy to make by calling Counseling Services at 215-572-2967.

Other Campus Resources (the last four digits can be dialed if calling on-campus)

  • Counseling Services and AOD Program, 215-572-2967
  • Andrew Goretsky, Dean of Students, 215-572-2934
  • Dian Taylor-Alleyne, Associate Dean of Students, 215-572-2932
  • Breann Donnelly, Assistant Dean of Students, 215-572-2086
  • Residence Life Staff in each building

Off-Campus Support

  • Alcoholics Anonymous - self-help group for those who would like to stop drinking 215-923-7900 or
  • Al-Anon - self-help group for families and friends of alcohol –215-222-5244 or
  • Children of Alcoholics - self-help group derived from Al-Anon; for children who grew up around addiction; often helpful for those who have grown up in dysfunctional families – 215-333-0444 or
  • Nar-Non - family and friends of drug addicted people – 215-446-8452
  • Narcotics Anonymous – 215-440-8400 Overeaters Anonymous – 215-674-4418
  • Gamblers Anonymous –1-888-442-7085 Contact (Crisis Hotline) – 215-879-4402
  • Outpatient Treatment Facilities

Aldersgate Youth Services, Willow Grove, Montgomery County, 215-657-4545

Inpatient Treatment Facilities

Belmont Center for Comprehensive Treatment 215-877- 2000 
Horsham Clinic, 215-643-7800