Student Handbook

Code-related Procedures

Revised August 21, 2018

Procedures For Taking Examinations, Tests and Quizzes:

  1. To eliminate suspicious behavior during any type of examination all books, notes, note cards, papers, materials and instruments are to be left in a designated location away from the testing area, except for those materials previously specified by the faculty member.
  2. The faculty member may remain in the room. If the faculty member leaves the room after the initial questions have been asked, he/she must remain accessible and may return to answer questions that arise during the examination.
  3. Requests for clarification of questions must be directed only to the faculty member.
  4. Silence is to be maintained in the exam room.
  5. If possible, students should occupy every other seat.
  6. You are not to leave the test area unless an emergency arises, or by grant of permission. Faculty members’ policies on leaving the testing area should be specified beforehand. If you do leave the room, your test paper must be left behind.
  7. In fairness to all students, you must finish the examination by the end of the examination period. You may request another student to discontinue writing at the end of the allotted time. The examination time can be lengthened only if granted at the beginning of the period and only if the extension applies to all students.

Procedures for Papers, Reports, and Other Written Work

  1. When preparing all written work, take great care to fully acknowledge the source or sources of all ideas, language, diagrams, charts, or images (including but not limited to drawings, designs or photographs) etc., which are not your own. If you intentionally appropriate the ideas, images or language of another person and present them without attribution, you are committing plagiarism. This includes the purchase or acquisition of papers from any source. For specific questions consult with the faculty member, but the following rules must be observed:
  • Any sequence of words appearing in your essay which are not your own must be enclosed in quotation marks and the source identified in a manner designated by the instructor.
  • A paraphrase should not be enclosed in quotation marks, but should be footnoted and the source given.
  • An interpretation based on an identifiable source must be so attributed.

      2. If you wish to seek assistance from another student (i.e., proofreading for typographical errors), consult your instructor to determine if such assistance is permissible. If permitted, such assistance should be acknowledged in             the written work.

Procedures for Laboratory Work

Unless otherwise directed, you are expected to make all necessary measurements, drawings and calculations independently, based on your own work. Observations, including numerical data for working out results, are to be collected and used independently.