Student Handbook

Administrative Hearing Procedures

Revised September 17, 2018

Administrative Hearing Procedures

The following are the procedures for an administrative hearing to determine individual responsibility of alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct that do not involve violations of the Code of Academic Responsibility; Sexual Misconduct, Relationship Violence, and Stalking (see separate sections of handbook for process related to these violations).  While there may be disciplinary sanctions and remedies imposed following an administrative hearing the purpose is to be educational, corrective, and developmental.  An Administrative Hearings will not be utilized in cases where the student could be suspended or dismissed from the institution.  In those situations the case will be referred to a Judicial Board.

Following the receipt of information regarding alleged violations of university policy by the Student Affairs office the case will be assigned to a hearing officer.  The student will receive a hearing notice from the hearing officer and it will outline the alleged charges and procedures for meeting with the hearing officer.

In general, hearing notifications will be sent to the student within 5 business days of receipt of information regarding the alleged violation.  The time for distribution of a hearing notice may be extended as necessary.  However, all efforts will be made to deliver hearing notices as soon as possible.  Reasons for a delay in distribution of a hearing notice include, but are not limited to, longer period of time needed to investigate allegation, other situations are prioritized over the alleged violation due to the severity of other situations, etc.

A student in receipt of a hearing notice is required to respond to the hearing notice as outlined in the letter.  Typically students are expected to respond within 24 hours of receipt of a hearing notice to schedule a time to meet with the hearing officer.  All hearing notifications will be sent via Arcadia University email and it is expected that students will be checking their Arcadia email daily.  Failure to respond to the hearing office may result in decisions being made regarding a student’s involvement in an alleged violation without their input.

The hearing is meant to be educational, corrective, and developmental and therefore is a conversation between the student and the hearing officer.  In general, no other individuals are allowed to be present during the hearing.  During the meeting, the hearing officer will present the information they have regarding the situation with accompanying evidence. The student will then have the opportunity to present their side of the situation and either take responsibility or not take responsibility for the alleged violation.  Decisions are not made at the time of the meeting.  Possible sanctions will be discussed. Generally, only one meeting will be necessary for the hearing officer to make a decision.  However in some circumstances (e.g. incidents that involve multiple students), new information may present itself during the process of adjudication of the full incident.  In cases when new information is presented to the hearing officer following a student’s individual hearing and before a decision has been made it is possible that the hearing officer will request an additional meeting.  A decision will not be made about any new information without giving the student an opportunity to respond to that information.  

Appeal information can be found in the section on Administrative Actions.