History major: Dylan Gleeson

About the B.A. in History

  • Preparation for teaching
  • Preparation for careers in law and government
  • Preparation for graduate school, research and writing
  • Opportunities to study abroad at some of the top universities in the world

The program in History is designed to expand students’ comprehension of the past so that they can understand the present and prepare for the future. By fostering awareness of the multiple influences behind human action, the program aims to reject simplistic explanations of the past.

Stress is put on the global context and interconnectedness of historical events. Lectures, readings in original and secondary sources, group discussion and presentations, fieldwork, research projects and seminars provide a variety of techniques for understanding the world’s diverse civilizations and the key turning points in their development and interactions.

The program prepares students for careers in teaching, the law, private employment, government service, research and writing, for further study in history on the graduate level, and for responsible citizenship in the contemporary world.

Arcadia University History graduates have gone into management, museum work, marketing, investment counseling, travel and tourism, and many other fields, as well as graduate study in history, law and public administration.


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