Interim COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

Policy Title Interim COVID-19 Vaccination Policy
Policy Category Public Safety and Environmental Health and Safety
Original Policy Approval Date August 16, 2021
Policies Superseded None
Responsible Office Office of the Provost
Related Policies Student Immunization Policy

I. Scope

This Interim COVID-19 Vaccine Policy applies to all Arcadia University (“University”) faculty, staff, and students who live, work, visit and/or attend class on University Property. See Section IV below for the definitions of capitalized terms in this Policy.

II. Policy Statement

The University is strongly committed to the health, safety, and well-being of the University community, and the most effective means to achieve both personal and collective safety during the COVID-19 pandemic is an interconnected approach, the cornerstone of which is for individuals to be fully vaccinated. While other approaches such as regular testing, masking, and educational outreach must continue, it is vitally important that the Arcadia community achieve and maintain a high-level of vaccination in order to prevent the spread and future mutations of the virus. The University remains committed to affirming the dignity, personal responsibility, and shared safety of all.

III. Policy

All faculty, staff, and students covered by this Policy will be required by August 1, 2022, to have completed their primary series and all of the boosters for which they are eligible in accordance with current Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations.   Any such faculty, staff, or student who is unable to receive such an approved COVID-19 vaccine due to a medical condition or religious belief must by July 15, 2022 formally request an exemption from this Policy using the University’s exemption form. The form may also be used to bring other extenuating circumstances to the attention of the University pertaining to receipt of the COVID-19 vaccine.  Those who received an exemption for 2021-22 do not need to reapply.

Any person who is unvaccinated, including those granted such an exemption, may still be required to use additional personal protective equipment or take other actions such as participation in ongoing testing as directed by the University for the health and safety of the University community.

The University will be undertaking ongoing outreach and education efforts to reinforce the dignity, individual responsibility, and shared safety obligations of our community. Failure to comply with this Policy or the University’s Health and Safety Guidelines could result in limitations of access to University Property and in-person programs and activities, the institution of additional mitigation requirements as described in our Health and Safety Guidelines, and/or, potentially, disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Handbook, the staff Progressive Discipline Policy, or Faculty Handbook, as applicable.

Vaccination data may be shared with government and public health agencies as required by law.

V. Definitions

University refers to Arcadia University, its colleges, schools, affiliates, divisions, and subsidiaries.

University Property includes, without limitation, all University-owned or leased buildings and surrounding areas such as sidewalks, walkways, driveways, plazas, parking lots, and garages under the University’s ownership or control, excluding public rights of way. This includes the Glenside and Christiana campuses, as well as any other University facilities in the United States.

VI. Effective Date

This Policy is effective on the date that it is signed by the President

VII. Date of Approval

August 16, 2021

Non-substantive change made: June 22, 2022