Student Handbook

Identification Cards

Revised August 2, 2022

KnightCard Services


All students are issued a KnightCard (Arcadia Identification Card) when they become a student at the University. This KnightCard, when properly validated, entitles you to use the Library, to access University buildings, claim a meal from your meal plan, and to participate in specifically announced activities. For full-time students, it allows you to vote in student elections.

KnightCards are available in the KnightCard Services Office located in Dilworth Hall (Facilities Office). There is a $15 replacement fee for lost, stolen or abused ID cards. For more information please contact the KnightCard Services at 215-517-2362.

Chosen First Name Requests

Once a chosen first name is indicated in MyArcadia, individuals may obtain a KnightCard with the chosen first name printed on the card in place of the legal name. 

The first card issued with a chosen first name will be printed at no additional cost for the individual. When subsequent replacement cards are requested, the individual will be charged $15 for the issuance of a replacement card. Therefore, if an individual already has a KnightCard and then adopts a chosen first name, the previous KnightCard should be returned to Dilworth Hall (Facilities Office) for a new KnightCard, at no additional cost.

The KnightCard that is printed with the chosen first name may be used as a valid identification card within the University. However, the KnightCard may not be used as an alternative to a legal ID, as it is not a valid legal form of identification.