Student Handbook

Graduate Student Employment

Revised August 6, 2021

A number of graduate assistantships are available to graduate students in degree programs. Any person who has been admitted into the graduate program and is enrolled full time for their program of study at Arcadia University is eligible to apply for a Graduate Assistantship position. 

Applications are available online at the Registrar’s Office form page at

Applications will be placed in a centralized folder for faculty members or administrators to review and to reach out to students they may be interested in hiring. In order to receive payment, GAs must complete a W9 form and submit it to their supervisor. GAs will be awarded a stipend for the work they complete, which is typically paid monthly, but please note it may be a different time frame, as this is set up specific with the student and the department they are working with. Questions related to the Graduate Assistant program can be directed to Student Employees or GSE’s are different from Graduate Assistants. GSEs are paid hourly due and should contact the Office of Career Education at about these positions and the payment process. 

GAs cannot work more than 32 hours a week at any time. The exact role the individual Graduate Assistant will play depends on the requirements of the specific department with whom he, she or they are hired.

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