Alumni Form ‘Team Casey’ to Support Friend with Breast Cancer

By Purnell T. Cropper | June 23, 2010

By Sarah R. Schwartz ’10

For Casey Ostaszewski Edwards ’01, the maxim “friends are like bras: close to your heart and there for support” has never been more true. Six weeks before her spring 2010 wedding, Edwards was diagnosed with a rare but aggressive form of breast cancer. Immediately, a group of supportive friends and fellow Arcadia alums rallied together to cheer for a cure.

Team Casey, composed of eight Arcadia alumni and one former student took part in the 2010Susan J. Komen Philadelphia Race for the Cure on Mother’s Day. The race raised funds to help persons challenged with breast cancer by offering them support, special events and information.

Participants included Casey Ostaszewski Edwards ’01, Melissa Schwartz02, Donelle Brotz ’01, Jennifer Metzger ’01 and Adjunct Professor of Art and Design Abbey Ryan ’03.

Alumni Angela Tucker Hull ’02, Keely Clauson ’02, Suzanne Campos ’03, Jessica Jubok Wehde ’02 and her husband Eric Wehde, and former student Sarah Collelouri Fitzpatrick were unable to make the walk but are supporting Team Casey in other ways.

Schwartz and Metzger formed Team Casey with their high school friend Tim Marren. “We formed Team Casey after talking about Casey’s diagnosis and feeling helpless as her friends,”  say Metzger and Schwartz. “We wanted to figure out a way to support our friend in everything she might need–both financially and emotionally. We thought of some things that make Casey a great person and her upbeat spirit and infectious smile were top of the list. Part of this could be due to her past as a cheerleader which lead us to Team Casey and our slogan of ‘Cheering for a Cure.’ We think it is important to support fellow alumni because the experiences we have had together have been such an integral part of our development into successful adults. The memories we made together at Beaver always give us something to laugh about when we get together for all of the special milestones that we have come across in adulthood. We hope that by having the support of ‘the Beaver girls’ we can lift Casey’s spirit and make her feel like she is not in this battle alone.”

Edwards, a dedicated kindergarten teacher in the Philadelphia School District, continues to stay positive, and her strength and determination are an inspiration.

Determined to do even more, Team Casey is hosting a “Beef and Beer” benefit on June 25 in Philadelphia. All proceeds go directly to aid with Casey’s medical expenses. For more information contact