Rieders Named to National Association of Medical Examiners Foundation Board

By Purnell T. Cropper | October 19, 2010

Just appointed to the National Association of Medical Examiners Foundation Board is Dr. Michael Fredric Rieders ’80, currently Chairman of the Board at NMS Labs and Chief Science Officer at the Forensic Mentors Institute. Rieders is a Trustee and alum of Arcadia University and a faculty member in Arcadia’s master’s program in Forensic Science.

He also is active in the VIDOCQ Society, an organization of forensic professionals who volunteer to help resolve cold, unsolved homicides. Rieders is a strong advocate for, and contributor, to the NAME mission. By working with various forensic science organizations, Rieders works to bring a systematic understanding of the forensic sciences to the criminal justice community.

“I was proud and honored to learn that the NAME, an organization that I have been involved with for years, has recognized my contributions to the profession and sought to have me on its Foundation Board,” said Rieders. He add edthat toxicology often provides an essential piece to the Medicolegal death investigation, and he looks forward to his continued work with NAME and the NAME Foundation.

Dr. John E. Pless, Chairman of the Board of Directors at NAME, remarked, “The members of the NAME Foundation Board are very pleased to have a toxicologist with the stature of Dr. Rieders on our Board. I was personally honored that he was willing to serve.”

As a forensic toxicologist and a laboratory director, Rieders brings a new perspective to the NAME Board, since the majority of its members are medical examiners or other professionals with direct affiliations to a medical examiner’s office.

NMS Labs is a national reference laboratory that is unsurpassed in its scope of toxicology tests, accuracy of results, scientific expertise, and innovation. NMS Labs is passionate about promoting public health and safety. For more information on NMS Labs, please visit www.nmslabs.com.

The NAME Foundation is a non-profit corporation that focuses on sustaining recruitment into the field, promoting education and leadership, and funding research in forensic pathology and death investigation. The foundation will also support efforts designed to preserve the history and follow the progress of the forensic sciences and NAME.