Hanson Presents at the Second Language Research Forum

By jretter | February 25, 2015

Dr. Aroline Seibert Hanson, assistant professor of Spanish, presented two papers at the Second Language Research Forum in Provo, Utah. The first,titled, “Can we rely on each other? Examining L2 Proficiency Measures in Experimental Studies,” presented new data that Hanson had worked on involving the reliability of the use of self-assessments to determine participants’ language proficiency levels. The second, a collaboration with a colleague titled, “The efficacy and limits of structured input for promoting processing and learning of L2 morphology,” offered a successful training method for early second language learners learning verb endings.

Hanson not only shared her research, but she also took the opportunity to meet with colleagues and collaborators and to attend multiple sessions on aptitude and age effects in second language acquisition, the phonology and syntax of Spanish, and working memory and processing in language learning.