The Making of Midway: Students Blog About Upcoming Adult Puppet Show

By Courtney Wright | March 23, 2016

Animation work from The Making of Midway.

By Lana Valente ’19

While the upcoming adult puppet show Midway depicts an unlikely duo’s love story, apprentices Arianna Kendra ’17 and Rose Fahringer ’19 are writing their own story about life behind the scenes.

The Making of Midway follows Kendra and Fahringer’s hard work crafting the set and props for this unique puppet show. The blog addresses various stages of failure and success, such as when Fahringer learns computerized animating and editing. In another post, Kendra strategizes about laser cutting pennies.

“The apprenticeship has been completely amazing, and I’ve learned so much,” said Kendra, who is the show’s prop designer. “It’s been extremely hard, but gratifying and humbling.”

As part of the apprenticeship, Kendra and Fahringer are required to journal their learning experiences. In lieu of the traditional approach, they teamed up for The Making of Midway.

“We decided a blog would be more fun. It also acts as a way of getting people excited about Midway and hopefully informs them about how much work goes into one of these productions,” Kendra said.

Midway runs April 7-17 in the Spruance Fine Arts Center. Purchase tickets online for possibly the most unexpected show on Earth.