Dr. Tobe Published in ‘Scientific Reports’

By Christopher Sarachilli | September 9, 2016

Dr. Shanan Tobe, assistant professor of Forensic Science, published “Stygofauna enhance prokaryotic transport in groundwater ecosystems” in Scientific Reports, part of the SpringerNature group of journals. In the article, co-authored with Renee J. Smith, James S. Paterson, Elise Launer, Eliesa Morello, Remko Leijs, Shashikanth Marri, and James G. Mitchell, Dr. Tobe discusses the importance of Stygofauna, a type of fauna living in groundwater systems or aquifers.

Stygofauna are a newly recognized prokaryotic niche in groundwater ecosystems that have the potential to transport remediating, water purifying and pathogenic prokaryotes. Therefore, stygofauna may influence ecosystem dynamics and health at a microbial level, and at a larger scale could be a new source of prokaryotic diversity in groundwater ecosystems.