Dr. Christiana ’16EdD Publishes Research in Social Innovations Journal

By Caitlin Burns | June 26, 2020

Doctor of Education alumna Dr. Kathryn Christiana ’16EdD, supervisor of Gifted Education in Abington School District, published “The Mystery of Wide Variation in Rates of Inclusion: Does Money Make a Difference?” in the April 12 Social Innovations Journal. The article, co-authored with Dr. James Conroy, president of the Center for Outcome Analysis, explored the inclusion of students with disabilities in Pennsylvania public schools. Dr. Christiana and Dr. Conroy researched the impact of financial and demographic factors with how schools provided an inclusive education. 

Dr. Christiana and Dr. Conroy used data from all 501 public schools in Pennsylvania. They concluded that financial factors do not explain why some schools are less inclusive than others, and suggested further research is required to understand how to provide an accessible education for all.