Arcadia University Offers 3 Graduate Credits for AIM Institute Literacy Teacher Training Course

By Caitlin Burns | November 13, 2019

Arcadia University and the AIM Institute for Learning & Research are pleased to announce an agreement to offer three graduate credits to educators completing the AIM Pathways IDA-accredited Pathways to Proficient Reading course. The course offers comprehensive tools and support to teachers learning about the research-based methods needed to successfully teach children to read.

“Arcadia’s Literacy faculty are thrilled that the School of Education is partnering with AIM Institute to offer university credit for AIM’s Pathways to Proficient Reading Program,” said Dr. Kim Dean, chair of the School of Education. “The AIM Institute and Arcadia’s School of Ed have a shared mission that all PA youth can #Readby4th. We know that expanding teachers’ understanding of the science of reading has the potential to be a game-changer in this region and we are proud to be part of that work. As an IDA-accredited program, Arcadia is committed to building capacity in schools to meet the diverse needs of all learners and we look forward to expanding our relationship with AIM toward this shared value.” 

Because the AIM Pathways platform allows course to be completed entirely online including eight virtual community of practice sessions for ongoing support, obtaining the graduate credits is an opportunity for educators throughout the country working to incorporate training that is affordable, scalable and research driven.

“We know that courses in the science of reading are not always part of the curriculum for teachers,” said Pat Roberts, AIM Institute Executive Director. “Providing students and teachers taking our Pathways to Proficient Reading course the opportunity to receive three graduate credits for their course work is an important opportunity to increase the number of institutes of higher education offering courses that can help all struggling readers.”

For information on purchasing Arcadia University graduate credits for the course, visit For more information on the AIM Pathways teacher training platform and courses contact Karen Keesey at