#ArcadiaStrong: Virtual Capstone Edition

We asked our social media followers to sum up their senior thesis in one sentence: 


1. "I'm writing about how genetic tests (like 23andMe) affect identity." - Kiara Jacoby '20

2. "I looked at the Public Sphere and WikiLeaks, the Pentagon Papers, and Edward Snowden." - Mary Pat Murray '20

3. "A monoclonal antibody that can induce apoptosis of tumor cells in pancreatic cancer." - Kristen Lukowski '20

4. I examined the 1968 election and its significance as a turning point in American politics.

- Michael Costigan '20

5. "The effect of sclerostin and immune system interactions on bone metabolism." - Emily Schlechtweg '20

6. "Stemness/EPHA5 contribution to trastuzumab resistance in HER2+ breast cancer." - Marissa Rosario '20

7. "[International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition] Team for the School of Global Business!" - Brett Fenstermacher '20

8. "Diagnosed diabetic retinopathy using machine learning." - Muhammad Moiz Saeed '20

9. "Created a website for Arcadia's Registrar." - Jules Turner '20

10. "CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing and dystrophin expression in Duchenne muscular dystrophy." - Kayla Drago '20

11. "[How] insufficient progranulin levels contribute to frontotemporal dementia." - Karlie Flowers '20 

12. "Went to schools in the Philly region to get more young women interested in Computer Science!" - Maya Sierra '20

13. "I wrote about gender and racial bias in the juvenile justice system." - Alyson Nagel '20 

14. "The roles of the London Underground in the creation of modern London." - Amanda Dombroski '20

15. "I'm writing about migration policy in France, and how it affects aid workers' ability to help migrants." - Raquel Kubicz '20

16. "How executive function impacts our perception of an ambiguous stimulus." - Emily Schneider '20

17. "Decomposition Method Reliability in Calculating Postmortem Interval." - Connor McCann '20

18. "Factors of alcohol use to relieve PTSD symptoms and progression to Alcohol Use Disorder comorbidity." - Maeghan Myers '20

19. "The factors and alleviation of learned helplessness in the elderly." - Ashley Eckett '20

20. "An analysis of childhood trauma and the violence of war in Pan's Labyrinth." - Meg McGee '20

21. "Chronic Illness/Pain and Art Therapy through Textiles." - Cat '20

22. The effects of virtual reality on cognition in the treatment of stroke patients.

- Melissa Schoettle '20

23. "The Rusyn minority in Ukraine and Slovakia." - Jakub Kovar '20

24. "Climate change's effects on forest biodiversity, and how fire management can combat that." - Nina Zack '20

25. "How Instagram's fashion community makes people more materialistic." - Emelie Vasquez '20

26. "Women's memorial organizationsm and how they changed the historical narrative of the Confederacy, the South, and slavery after the American Civil War." - Emma Connolly '20



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