Editorial Board Named for New Scholarly Journal at Arcadia

By Purnell T. Cropper | February 12, 2010

The Compass: Arcadia University’s Global Journal of Student Scholarly and Creative Work is an online showcase for the work done by Arcadia students, either on their own or in collaboration with members of the faculty. Editor Dr. Jeff Shultz, Assistant Provost for Special Projects and Professor of Education, announced the formation of the Editorial Board that will guide the journal.

The Editorial Board, which consists of faculty members from across the University appointed by the academic deans, includes Dr. Pradumnya Chauhan, Professor of English; Dr. Angela Kachuyevski, Assistant Professor of International Peace and Conflict Resolution; Alan Powell, Associate Professor of Communications; Tanya Santangelo, Assistant Professor of Education; Rachel Ditoro, Assistant Professor of Medical Science and Clinical Coordinator in the Physician Assistant program; Dr. Jan Tecklin, Professor of Physical Therapy; Dr. Dennis Dutschke, Founding Dean of Studies of The College of Global Studies; and David Rudd, Director of Research and Assessment of The College of Global Studies.

“We are also in the midst of establishing an Advisory Board composed of scholars from outside of Arcadia. They will provide counsel and advise to the Editorial Board regarding the journal,” Shultz says.

Submissions will be sought in the following areas: Creative Expressions, Cultural Legacies, Global Connections, Natural and Physical World, and Self and Society. These areas, derived from the University’s Undergraduate Curriculum, reflect the wide variety of interests of members of the Arcadia University community and its College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; College of Business, Health and Sciences; and The College of Global Studies.

The words “scholarly and creative work” encompass all sorts of student products included in the journal. While traditional scholarly articles in the sciences, social sciences, humanities, etc. are included, so are critical reflection essays, photo essays, fiction and poetry, and films and multi-media projects. The journal includes work from students across programs and departments so as not to privilege any area over another.

Each submission will be reviewed by at least two faculty members who will recommend acceptance, acceptance with revisions, or rejection. Submission decisions will be made quickly to ensure that the material remains topical and timely. Once accepted, a submission will be added to the journal so that there will be a continuous influx of new material. Submission guidelines will be announced.