Daughter Follows Mother’s Path to Arcadia

By Purnell T. Cropper | April 20, 2010

By Heather C. Mick ’11

Mary Stillman Sundra ’83 chose Arcadia University because of the small class sizes and personalized attention. These are the same reasons her daughter, Katie Sundra ’12, decided to transfer to Arcadia. Now, mother and daughter share a love for Arcadia.

Majoring in printmaking with a minor in metals and jewelry, Mary Sundra distinguished herself from her peers by earning a bachelor’s in Fine Arts and graduating with honors. “I almost went to a much larger university that was further from home,” she says. “In the long run, I was glad to be at a smaller school with more personalized attention.”

The size of the campus, class sizes, and the enthusiasm from her mother is what inspired Katie Sundra to transfer to Arcadia University after complications at her previous university prevented her from studying abroad in England.

“Arcadia is much smaller than Katie’s previous school,” says her mother. “Having her closer to home and being able to come visit her on campus and participate in some of Arcadia’s events as both a parent and an alumna has been great. I’m happy there are new facilities and programs for Katie to take advantage of and enjoy while she is at Arcadia.”

After listening to her mother talk about the quality education she received, Katie Sundra feels confident about her move from a large university to the more intimate campus that Arcadia offers. When asked about the education she is receiving, she says that she “enjoys the classes.” She also notes that because the professors are personable, she seems to connect with them more than she did at her previous university.

As a sophomore History major, Katie Sundra has big plans for her last two years as a college student. “I haven’t studied abroad yet, but I enjoyed Italy Preview,” she adds . “I also plan to spend a semester during my junior year in Paris.”