McNulty Named Martha Washington Award Winner

By Purnell T. Cropper | May 25, 2010

Mary Kate McNulty, Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies, received the Martha Washington Award for Distinguished Service at the Arcadia University employee recognition luncheon on Tuesday, May 25.

“Simple words alone cannot adequately describe the overwhelmingly positive impact that she has on our students each and every day,” wrote Dr. John Hoffman, Founding Dean of the College of Business, Health and Sciences and Dean of Gradaute Studies. There is “universal acclaim of the vital role that Mary Kate McNulty (plays) in keeping out graduate programs running smoothly and while handling the needs of our students and faculty.”

“Whenever a graduate student has a concern, Mary Kate is the ‘go-to’ person. She has a wealth of information on the functioning of the university and is quick calm a student’s anxiety and help them to navigate to the successful resolution of their question,” Hoffman wrote.

“In considering the area of personal attention, Mary Kate’s dedication to Arcadia University in general and to our students specifically is evident in the simple observation that she is always available. Countless times, I have received copies of e-mail correspondence where Mary Kate has responded to student requests late at night or on the weekends. Even more telling are the calls and e-mails I receive with the sole purpose of recognizing the important impact that Mary Kate has on our students. Her compassion is evident as she is able to calmly reassure a distressed student and work with them to quickly address their concerns,” wrote Hoffman.

“Mary Kate McNulty is a stellar example how living the Arcadia Promise and a profound dedication to our students results in the supportive environment that encourages all those around her to excel,” concurred President Jerry Greiner.