Sidewalk Added in Front of Kuch; Road Made One-Way

By Purnell T. Cropper | July 20, 2010

As pedestrian traffic patterns change with campus construction, vehicular patterns are changing, too. In early July, sidewalks are being cut into the roadway that runs along Boyer Hall and Kuch Center. That stretch of the roadway is now marked with “one way” signs directing traffic to exit campus through the parking lot.

The new sidewalk is being created to accommodate the growing pedestrian traffic on the north end of campus. The new concrete sidewalk will be part of the new “orange route” for pedestrians, and those decals will be installed in the next few weeks. About six feet including the curb, the new walkway will be concrete, and it will be clearly marked and set apart from the asphalt roadway with pedestrian markers.

The narrowed roadway now becomes one way, with vehicles still able to enter the campus and proceed past Kuch and toward Murphy. Vehicles also still will be able to exit the campus toward Church Road, thanks to a new roadway through the far side of the parking lot.

“We cut a new roadway through the parking lot so that we could more easily move cars in and out of campus, away from the natural pedestrian walkways,” says Tom Macchi, Associate Vice President for Facilities and Capital Planning. Drivers can follow the signs to figure out the new traffic pattern.