World Cup: Firsthand Account From a Proud South African

By Purnell T. Cropper | July 7, 2010

“The rain has receded a bit, and we are standing in line to go through the turnstiles at the majestic Cape Town Stadium to watch Portugal vs. North Korea. The stadium seems to be perched on the edge of the ocean and at the same time, hanging off the bottom of Table Mountain. I’m in awe,” writes Alan Jansen, Resident Director in South Africa for Arcadia University’s College of Global Studies, as the world focuses its attention on the FIFA World Cup soccer games in South Africa.

“But the beauty of the surroundings is quickly overtaken by the sense of national pride that wells up within me as I glance over the crowds of people from all walks of life waving flags to the din of the ever-present vuvuzelas, which seem to have become one of our national emblems since the World Cup commenced. Soon we were in the stadium along with 65,000 other fans cheering and singing as the game kicked off. Read more.