Chef’s Corner: Grab Food To-Go at The Chat

By Purnell T. Cropper | September 10, 2010

By Gene Boyle, Executive Chef, and Malcolm Whitaker, Executive Sous Chef

Get Fresh Food Fast at The Chat

We hope you are settled in for the semester and are enjoying the Dining Center fare. Last week we described some of the changes we made over the summer. This go-round we wanted to highlight some things you might not know about The Chat. As with the dining room upstairs, almost every item served from The Chat’s grill or deli is made from scratch. Parkhurst staff does the following to ensure students, faculty, staff and campus visitors enjoy fresh food:

  • hand-breads each and every chicken finger, fried chicken sandwich, onion ring, and mozzarella stick
  • makes chicken salad and tuna salad from scratch
  • cuts each French fry by hand
  • slices meat for chicken cheesesteaks and cheesesteaks on the spot
  • bakes all cookies, brownies, rice crispy treat, muffin, Danishes, and cakes (thanks, Angela!)

Leave a Note

Remember, there are comment cards at all of our dining locations and online, so if you have any suggestions, please let us know. Several students suggested that we add turkey sausage or bacon to the breakfast menu, and we listened. Now we have turkey sausage available each morning. Ask our breakfast cook or a cashier to have some made for you. Turkey bacon will be available soon. We hope you enjoy the from-scratch approach that you see in all Parkhurst dining areas at Arcadia. All of us in the kitchens both upstairs and downstairs take pride in creating everything for you.