Tube Strike Is Love-Hate for Honors Student in London

By Purnell T. Cropper | September 21, 2010

For Julia Vasinda ’11, an Honors student studying abroad in London this semester, the tube strike fomented a love-hate relationship.

“One of the first things I loved about London was the public transportation. I’ve never been anywhere that makes it so simple to get somewhere for such a good price. So right as I fall in love with the tube, it goes on strike,” she writes on the Arcadia student blog site.

“And I hate it.

“I have to take a bus across the city, turning a 45-minute trip into a 2-hour trip. Oh my gosh. And of course it was raining that day.

“The tube was supposed to open up again at 5 p.m. that day, but I then learned that means it opens slowly. So the tube I needed wasn’t open. Of course. Waited an hour for a bus that never showed up and finally got a taxi home.

“The next morning, right as I am about to declare that I will never step foot on the tube again, everything gets in working order, I step on, take a seat, and am immediately in love.” Read more of Vasinda’s blogs.