Provost Announces Office of Institutional Diversity

By Purnell T. Cropper | February 1, 2011

Dr. Steve O. Michael, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, has announced several changes resulting from the planning efforts of the Diversity Task Force.

“The Office of Multicultural Affairs is now the Office of Institutional Diversity. This step is more than a name change. It represents a step in the right direction as the office takes on a campus-wide diversity role that includes faculty, student, and staff diversity issues. A focus on institutional diversity is broader than a focus on cultural or multicultural issues. This is intentional and strategic,” says Michael.

“Also, the Office of Institutional Diversity, with the help of the Task Force, is charged with the responsibility of setting up a University Diversity Advisory Council. The Task Force should study the three types of Diversity Councils common on college campuses. One is completely internal, made up of faculty, staff and perhaps students. The other is external, made up of prominent individuals from the community. This group may meet once a semester with the President and the Provost on diversity issues. The third option is a hybrid of the two, that is, it is comprised of internal and external members.”

The task force also is at work defining a new position, Dean of Diversity, to be implemented in Fall 2011. The Dean of Institutional Diversity will provide university-wide leadership for Arcadia’s diversity agenda and reports directly to the Provost.

The Office of Institutional Diversity will work closely with the Office of International Affairs to integrate global and local activities in order to promote a well rounded educational experience for all students as a means to enrich and expand educational opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to both differentiate and integrate global and local issues.

The Office of Institutional Diversity also will develop a strategic approach to engage external and internal constituents in collaborations and partnerships.

“The Office of Institutional Diversity will explore and provide opportunities to enhance and improve diversity education across the campus. I expect the Office of Institutional Diversity and the University Diversity Advisory Council to develop new traditions and activities to support and further the diversity agenda for the university,” says Michael.