Kleckner Designs Costumes for 1812 Theatre Company

By schwartzsa | April 29, 2011

Montgomery Media featured Alisa Sickora Kleckner, Adjunct Professor and Costume Shop Supervisor in Arcadia’s Theater program, as the self-proclaimed “mad scientist” behind the 1812 Theatre Company’s production of Our Show of Shows. The production is based on the Sid Caesar’s variety program of the early 1950s.

“A designer has to know the era in which they are working, and then do what the director tells them what he or she wants. For this particular show, this original piece, first I needed to go to the source material, which was the Sid Caesar program. I watched it on TV, on YouTube, anyplace I could, just to get the flavor of the production. I worked with Jen before, so I knew the theater company’s approach to things,” Kleckner told correspondent Rita Charleston.

“There are a lot of changes in the show, changes that need to happen quickly. Watching the old shows, I saw details in the costumes that were absolutely amazing. So it was important that I pay close attention to detail, and have my characters change costume but still come out on stage and present that ‘wow’ factor,” she continued. Read the article.