The Man Behind Arcadia’s Intramural Sports

By schwartzsa | April 12, 2011

By Michael Schwartz, Student Life Editor of the Tower

During the winter, people tend to stay indoors and therefore, there are less ways for people to get outside and exercise. However, at Arcadia, students now have the opportunity to partake in a variety of competitive athletics thanks to the intramural sports department. Every Monday through Thursday night, there is some form of recreational activity that is currently taking place in the Dome whether its soccer, ultimate Frisbee, flag football or dodge ball. As a result, large amounts of students have flocked over to the dome in the cold (and the snow) to get in on the action. I, myself, have even taken part in the events in terms of the intramural soccer. The first matches on Monday night were exciting as each match brought out the fun, kinetic atmosphere that is associated with the beautiful game of football (soccer). These sporting events have been organized by Jack Jephson, Director of Intramurals and Recreation.

Jephson, who has been a part of Arcadia Staff since November, has already made a huge impact with the athletics department as the intramurals have been widely participated in. Jephson’s entire life has revolved around the world of sports as he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Sports and Recreational Management from James Madison University and now has the opportunity to work in his field of interest at Arcadia. He was willing to take part in an interview regarding the success of the athletic programs for students at Arcadia.

Michael Schwartz: What are the primary objectives of the Arcadia intramural sport programs?

Jack Jephson: I would say the primary objectives here are giving every student an opportunity to participate. We give them (the students) something to do outside normal class. I believe that athletics is a lifestyle and not just for the varsity program and therefore should be something everyone should do.

MS: Do you feel that taking part in competitive games is more attractive to students who exercise?

JJ: I feel that the intramurals are getting more popular as time goes by. It beats the mundane workout for some at the gym. It really is another way of being active besides just running on an elliptical.

MS: How much effort and organization does it take from you and Arcadia to have these events?

JJ: It truly does take a good amount of organization and effort to have the intramurals. There are a lot of things that happen behind the scenes that students don’t even realize. It takes a good amount if effort from me and Arcadia but it’s worth it to see participation from the students who now have something else to do besides just sitting in their rooms. That’s really where to reward comes from.

MS:  If the four programs (Soccer, Frisbee, Flag Football, Dodge Ball), do you have a favorite in terms of organizing for the students? If so, why?

JJ: I really don’t have a favorite since I’ve played in everyone. One sport is just as good as another since each has its own good attributes. When it comes to the soccer and the flag football, there is a very competitive nature that brings out the great fire in our students. On the other hand, ultimate Frisbee and dodge ball offer a laid-back atmosphere where the students are there to really enjoy their time together. It really is rewarding to see different forms of energy coming out from the students in the intramurals.

MS: Would you like to expand on the intramural program in terms of adding more sports? If so, which sports do you want to add?

JJ: The program is growing at a really fast rate. It started from nothing and now I am trying to add almost every known intramural. After the dome comes down, floor hockey, volleyball, and basketball will take place in the gym. There will also be outdoor activities later on in the semester. What the school really wants it to continually see more programs with give students more options.

MS: At the end of the day, what is the one thing that makes you the most proud in regards to having and maintaining the intramural sports program?

JJ: Well, I’ve only been here for three months so there is still a long way to go. All of these programs are being first run by me and I’m really proud of the student response. The students here have been very open to all the programs and are really having fun.

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