Vomachka Reflects on Students’ Journeys

By schwartzsa | May 12, 2011

Dr. Archie Vomachka, Professor of Biology, gathered with a group of graduating biology majors during thesis day on April 29. Vomachka remembers Selina Eckert, Stephanie Clymer, Allison Wiest, Kendra Neff, Benjamin Luhrs, Caroline Champi, Kreena Patel and Katherine Jessen, who were all in his Biology 101 classroom as first-years. Four years later, presenting their theses, Vomachka reflects on their four-year journey.

“I always feel a special affinity toward those that I started out on the path to their majors in BI 101,” says Vomachka. “I call them my ‘first string’ or ‘first team.’ There were many stars in this group, both academically, in the lab, or on the athletic fields here. They were just a great bunch of kids to work with and have around. I watched their progress because although they were my last class in BI 101, I had them in other courses such as Human Physiology, Comparative Anatomy and Physiology and Junior Seminar.”