Orientation: Feel More Connected to Arcadia

By Purnell T. Cropper | July 15, 2011

“Orientation helps commuter students make connections to campus because it provides opportunities to really see what Arcadia has to offer,” says Caylynn Zeitz ’11. “Orientation allows commuters to meet other students as well. It is an opportunity to take advantage of the resources Arcadia has to offer while getting fully involved with activities and students.”

“The commuter sleepover is an excellent way to help students feel more connected to Arcadia. Staying on campus allows for a very different sense of connectedness than going home every night. Having the chance to stay on campus during your first week at school helps commuters get to know other commuters and find a home at Arcadia.

“The single most important bit of advice I would share would be to get involved. I know it’s what everyone tells you, but as a commuter student, it’s particularly important. Finding a sense of community at your school is crucial to feeling connected and wanting to stay. Getting involved in a club, organization, or any leadership position is the easiest way to start making those connections.

“As a commuter student, I have enjoyed the overwhelmingly friendly atmosphere at Arcadia more than anything else. I remember coming to visit before I had decided on Arcadia and that was one of the first things I noticed. The students on campus were friendly. They said hello as you walked by and went out of their way to assist in anyway they could. No matter what interests or hobbies you have, there will always be a group of students who share the same interests as you. It feels like a home away from home.”

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