Women’s Soccer Ranks #24 in National Poll

By Purnell T. Cropper | October 4, 2011


Arcadia University’s Women’s Soccer team broke into the NCAA national rankings on Tuesday, earning the #24 slot in the National Women Division III poll on Oct. 04. (Complete rankings.)

“This is the highest ranking in our history,” notes Athletics Director Shirley Liddle. “Congratulations to the team!” The women also are ranked #3 in the Mid-Atlantic Conference, and will face MAC rival Messiah College—ranked #1 in the nation—on Saturday, Oct. 8, at 5 p.m. in Gratham, Pa.

President Carl (Tobey) Oxholm III has been on the sidelines for many of the women’s games, cheering loudly and urging the athletes on. “They play with such heart, not to mention great footwork!” (See story about his preseason “cheerleading.”)

“Some of the players mentioned how great it was meeting you at the bottom of the ramp with your inspired praises,” said Women’s Soccer Coach Rick Brownell, who set expectations high for this year’s team. “Having battled so many top opponents, our history has been to defend as a unit and attack with pressure. This year’s team may bring with it a vigor and variety that we’ve not seen before, allowing us to play different formations that may give us deeper advantages as the season progresses.” (See video of Brownell talking about the team.)

“It’s exciting to see that we’re finally being recognized for our tremendous hard work, talent and determination,” says Sophomore Sarah Volk-Perez.

Sophomore Rachel Dolly adds: “It’s an honor to be ranked that high. We’ve been working toward this for a while, and our hard work has been paying off.”

“I’m really happy we’re getting recognition nationwide. This is what we’ve been toward the last few years, but we still have huge games to play this season. Our job is nowhere near done,” says Junior Jackie Law.

“The last couple of years, everyone has been working hard to get the team where it is today,” adds Senior Brittany Drosdak. “It’s encouraging to see that hard paying off and exciting to see the team headed in the right direction.”

“It is so exciting that our hardworking is being recognized, and we hope to keep moving up,” says Senior Ali DiOrio.

“We are excited that we are ranked nationally, and that our efforts over the past few years to build the program have gotten us recognized. This team is full of drive, and it’s great to see the result of our work every day pay off,” says Senior Jess Leathem.