Fajitas and Friendship: Highlights from the Language Luncheon

By Purnell T. Cropper | November 22, 2011

By Jordyn Austin ’14

International Education Week, Arcadia’s annual week-long celebration of global cultures, wrapped up this year with fajitas and amazing guacamole.

Language Lunch took place on Friday, Nov. 18, at in the Grey Towers Castle Mirror Room. The prevailing cuisine was Mexican, but students and staff represented numerous cultures.

The lunch was put together by Kate Bryant of International Affairs and Dr. Joanne Lucena of Modern Languages Department. Lucena says a similar event was organized years ago to culminate International Week and it was such a success that it was put on again this year.

The lunch was hosted by professors from the Modern Languages Department including, Gabriela Segal (Spanish), Edith Stetser (French) and, of course, Lucena (Spanish). The food was catered by Parkhurst Dining Services and attendees feasted on fajitas crammed with the works, tostada chips with guacamole and salsa, and cookies (a much appreciated American addition).

Between mouthfuls of food, attendees discussed their different backgrounds and trade stories. The diversity of attendees certainly enriched the conversation, with diners from various disciplines and backgrounds, including Andrea Landis ’13 (History and Spanish), Aleeya Mills ’14 (English), Tanisha Thelemaque ’13 (Psychology with History and Spanish minors), and Ai Chuman, an Intern in the Office of International Affairs who works for the Ministry of Education in Japan.

“Lunch was delicious,” said Mark Noth ’12, an International Business and Culture major. “I really enjoy [having] the opportunity to dive into this [experience]. This is the ultimate cumulative experience of International Week…. It’s great to be spending [it] with fellow students and faculty while gaining a greater appreciation for Hispanic and Latino cultures.”