No More Asking, ‘Are the Goonies Going to the Game Today?’

By Purnell T. Cropper | January 24, 2012

By Amanda Card ’12

The Glenside Goonies are at it again, calling for a “Red Out” during Wednesday night’s games against Albright.

Prepped for the remaining season with clever roll out signs, red Goonies tees and a boisterously active student section, the Glenside Goonies hope to support Arcadia University’s basketball teams through another victory.

“When there’s a bunch of people out there cheering like crazy, it really does motivate the players,” says Jack Jephson, Director of Intramurals and Recreation. “And it sinks in for the visitors too…. When we yell ‘Air-ball’ after the visiting team misses, that’s on their mind when they take their next shot,” continues Jephson.

Fellow Goonie Chris Macchi ’12 says, “From an athlete’s perspective, having a ridiculous student section cheering you on and pushing you forward makes a world of difference, and it is evident that the Goonies are no exception.”

“That’s the home court advantage,” says Marc Gottfried ’12, about the remarkable energy Goonies bring to the stands.

For “Red Out,” Arcadia fans and Goonies should sport red apparel. Members of the Glenside Goonies who previously attended a game and will be attending the Albright game can claim new Goonies tees at half time.

As an athlete, Glenside Goonie and dedicated college sports fan, Gottfried knows the energy and fan-hood needed to be part of a student section. So, don’t let the giveaways fool you. The Goonies aren’t just another free tee shirt opportunity. In the eyes of Gottfried and other Goonies, you have to earn your keep.

To be inducted and have the privilege of sporting a Goonies tee around campus, you have to attend games.

“We don’t just want people showing up, taking shirts and leaving,” said Jephson.

“It’s about more than a tee shirt,” added Gottfried, continuing, “We want people to meet friends, support the teams, and have a great time doing it.”

The Goonies anticipate inducting 48 more Arcadia University students into the student section at Wednesday’s game. But, it’s not the last chance to proclaim your Goonieness. Inductees will continue to be “Knighted” with tee shirts until shirts run out. …So throw on your game face, and Go Goonie Wild.