Nearly 100 Alumnae Greet the Oxholms in Swing through Florida

By Purnell T. Cropper | February 10, 2012

By Georgene Pilling ’04M, Director of Alumni Relations

Alumnae and friends gathered for the 18th annual Florida Reunions to meet Arcadia’s “new kid on the block,” President Carl (Tobey) Oxholm III and his wife, Kim. Four reunions were held throughout the state, bringing together alumnae from many different classes—members of the Class of 1941 to the graduate Class of 1998—and alumnae from all over the country—those who live in Florida year round, “snowbirds” who just come down to Florida for the season and travelers simply passing through while on vacation. (More photos.)

The Florida Reunions also bring together classmates who will be meeting again in Glenside for their five-year Reunions in June.

Lynn Kronenberg Berman ’62 writes, “Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of meeting our new President, Tobey, and his wife, Kim, at the Delray Reunion. Six of my classmates attended and we had a wonderful time reminiscing while we chatted at our table with Tobey and Georgene Pilling, Director of Alumni Relations, who is helping us plan our 50th Reunion activities. The six of us acknowledged our Freshman gym instructor, Betty Holton Weiss ’59, who was sitting only a few tables away. We six are ‘snowbirds’ here in Florida and this is a wonderful occasion to see old friends and hear about our college today. We are so impressed with the caliber of students today and Tobey inspired us to do more to support their educational experience.”

Mary Lou Morris Zeffert ’50 and Peggy Ann Morris ’50 both heartily agreed that: “The Naples luncheon was delightful and we enjoyed meeting Tobey and Kim, along with our Beaver College alumnae friends. Tobey is such a motivating speaker—he knows what’s going on and he makes a lot of sense.  His presentation makes you want to go back to campus for a visit.”

“Because I live in Minnesota far away from the everyday happenings of Arcadia University I cherish the opportunity I have when I am ‘snowbirding’ in Florida to connect with the friends and family of Arcadia,” writes Sandra Krebs Hirsh ’64. “What excitement I had in meeting Tobey and Kim and seeing all the enthusiasm they both have for a school I hold so dear. We are lucky to attract and engage such talent. Please continue to have these luncheon reunions—they provide time for friendships and for learning all the news of Arcadia!”

“I had a great time at the Vero Reunion,” writes Joann Brayton Jacobs ’68. “It was fun to reconnect with the people I knew and to meet new alumni, and it was great to meet Tobey and Kim. Their excitement over the campus events and changes is contagious. I am looking forward to attending again next year.”

Merle Arbogast Chorba ’63 reflects, “My husband, George, and I always look forward to the Beaver/Arcadia winter gathering in Sarasota, a highlight of our year.  We love to catch up on current events taking place on campus and abroad. We were especially happy to meet Tobey and Kim, our new ‘first family.’ They inspired confidence in the students’ rich global education and assured us of the continued excellence in the traditions of our Alma Mater as it moves forward.”

The Beaver and Arcadia alumnae kept Kim and Tobey hopping.  Landing in Ft. Lauderdale on Sunday (and arriving from two different coasts – Kim had been attending a national conference in San Francisco), their 6-day/6-city itinerary took them to Naples, Immokalee, Sarasota, Vero Beach, West Palm Beach, Delray and then back to the airport.

Kim Oxholm writes, “Tobey and I were delighted to participate in our first, of what we hope are many, Florida reunion visits.  I was inspired by the passion for Beaver expressed by all the wonderful alumnae who attended our four terrific luncheons.  Their enthusiasm for the past provides us with the passion and enthusiasm to move Arcadia into the future.  I look forward to seeing everyone next year.”

“What impressed me most,” says President Oxholm, “was the keen interest they all had in their alma mater. They have heard that the economy is being hard on schools like us, and I was able to tell them that, thanks to the gifts they make every year to Arcadia, we are able to keep our doors open to students of ability, regardless of the family’s financial situation.  Some of them remember that they were only able to go to Beaver thanks to the scholarships they received, and they know what a big difference Beaver made to their lives.”