Reynard ’10M, Sports4Hope Founder Makes Peaceful Progress in Congo

By schwartzsa | February 8, 2012

Stephen Reynard ’10M, founder of Sports4HOPE, an organization that seeks to prevent and reconcile conflicts through sport and peace education, recently appeared on News Channel 5 of Nashville, Tenn. Reynard moved to the Eastern region of Congo in the fall of 2011 to work with three communities involved in an inter-tribal massacre that resulted in 300 deaths. His work has been more labor intensive than they had originally imagined, having to excavate boulders to create the space to practice their sports. Despite these unforeseen challenges, he and the organization are making steady progress. Watch the News Channel 5 feature.

Reynard graduated from Arcadia University with a master’s degree in International Peace and Conflict Resolution. His organization originally was conceived as a requirement for a Post-Conflict Development course taught by Instructor of Sociology and International Peace and Conflict Resolution Alex Otieno. Read more of Reynard’s story.