Young the Giant a Huge Hit at Woodstock

By Purnell T. Cropper | April 26, 2012

By Amanda Card ’12

If your ears aren’t ringing, you missed Arcadia’s Woodstock… and one of the greatest headliners in the event’s history.

A 46-date sold out tour and plans to perform at Bonnaroo didn’t stop Young The Giant from putting on a stellar show for Arcadia University. YTG rocked the Kuch Center Gym during Saturday’s music festival with a string of recent hits, including “Apartment,” “My Body” and “Cough Syrup,” which has been featured on Glee.

“They have so much energy and are one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen,” said sophomore Stephanie Fell.

Other students said YTG’s headlining performance brought the school to a new level. “Spring Fling has always been the most anticipated time of year for me,” said senior Mark Noth.

“Now, Woodstock will also resonate as an integral part of that week.”

Why? Is YTG really that good? Yes… on stage and in person. While the group’s quick ascension to fame might have drew other bands away from the student body, YTG was caught playing Frisbee on Haber Green, working out in the fitness center and eating in the Chat.

“The food wasn’t all that great,” said YTG guitarist Jacob Tilley. “But I hear you guys have coconut water, which is fabulous… and that I missed out on a good breakfast in the Dining Hall.”

Bassist Payam Doostzadeh added, “It’s a nice field, too. It’s been great enjoying the beautiful day and not being inside the whole time.”

Regretful of an indoor show, YTG was determined to deliver a sell-out performance for Arcadia students. What did they expect?

“I hope there are some naked people that come on stage,” laughed Tilley. “We want crazy naked people.”

YTG wasn’t bombarded by college crazies on stage. But several students attempted crowd surfing, threw beach balls on stage, and even lent lead singer Sameer Gadhia their Spring Fling shades.

“College shows are always fun,” said Tilley. “People get crazy and they really enjoy us being there.”

The band’s recent stardom has accelerated ticket sales and led to sold out shows, evidence of a favorable fan attachment to their first album. As the bandmates push toward the conclusion of their North American tour, they are growing more and more excited for their next album release.

“We’re really looking forward to the next record coming out to expand our repertoire and tell people what we’re about even more so than the first record,” said Doostzadeh.

Said repertoire is something Woodstock planners know a lot about.

“When we booked them, they were still a quiet indie band,” said first-year student Daysi Barhona. “Now, they’re this huge band in the music scene and we’re so lucky to have had them with us for Woodstock.”

“It’s great and really exciting to be in that position,” said Doostzadeh of the band’s rising popularity. “We’ve been having a lot of fun.”

Having fun is something Young the Giant is notorious for… from covering R. Kelly’s “Ignition” remix in fur coats during a Chicago show to playing pranks on their show manager. “[We like] to remind people that they’re not super serious,” says Doostzadeh.

What fun they had. Welcomed by a crowd of more than one thousand Arcadia students, staff, friends and family, and four excellent openers, Young the Giant concluded Woodstock in seamless tandem with the campus’ exciting year.

Photos by Pedro Leal

Photos by Jordan Richards