Appelbaum Participates in AAACS Conference

By JoLynne Bremmer | June 25, 2012

Dr. Peter Appelbaum recently attended the American Association for the  Advancement of Curriculum Studies and the American Educational Research Association conferences.  Dr. Appelbaum, who is president of the AAACS, spoke at the Presidential Address, ran business meetings, and gave research presentations on the following: 1) The Gradient, as part of the symposium, “Destabilizing Methodologies: Teacher Education as a Complex Endeavor”;  2) Sound In and Of Itself, as part of the symposium, “Sound Curriculum: Sonic Ways of Knowing and Being in Educational Contexts;”  3) Puppets: A New Keyword, as part of the symposium, “Beyond Multiculturalism and Eurocentrism: Transnational, Intercultural and Cosmopolitan Conversations;” and 4) The Art of Participation, as part of the symposium on “The shape and feel of ‘participation’: Flipping public spaces, performing democracy and playing with the exteriority of thought.”

Appelbaum was also a featured panelist at a joint meeting of AAACS and the Arts-Based Educational Research Special Interest Group of the American Educational Research Association, speaking on the history of arts-based research as a founding member of the group, and presented a discussion of Mathematics Education for Latina/o Students and Families as part of the symposium, “When the School Bell Rings.”