Rader ’12 Deploys a Plan for the Future

By schwartzsa | June 22, 2012

Dane Rader ’12, a Global Security and Emergency Management (GSEM) major, found clarity for the future while serving his country. After his second deployment to Iraq, Rader knew he wanted to pursue a career in either Federal Law Enforcement or Homeland Security.

“I really enjoy the diversity of concentrations in my courses. As a GSEM major I can study in a variety of fields, from Criminal Justice and International Relations to Terrorism and Disaster Relief and Recovery. All my professors have done their part in shaping how my education at Arcadia has matured over the years. They have encouraged me to focus on my own interests and apply those to what we’re studying in class.”

Rader left the Pennsylvania Army National Guard in September 2011 after 10 years of service as a Staff Sergeant in Alpha Company 1/111th Infantry Battalion, 56th Stryker Brigade, outside of Philadelphia. During this time Rader did two tours of duty in Iraq as a tank commander and section leader, the first from January 2005 to July 2006, and the second from September 2008 to September 2009. His many accolades include the combat action badge, the Iraq Campaign Medal with two Campaign Stars, two Army Commendation Medals and one Army Achievement Medal.

“Between the two deployments and now after, I studied at Arcadia and although [the tours] cost me some years as far as graduating on time it only made my experience here better,” says Rader. “I was able to come back and ultimately finish my degree here a little wiser from the experience, and it showed me what career track I truly want to follow in life.”

Rader notes that the transition from combat zone to civilian life—especially for a student—can be a difficult one, but he didn’t waste any time getting back into classes. “For me, I feel that’s what kept me on track and successful,” he says.

Before he changed his major from Biology to GSEM, Rader earned internship credit abroad at the Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program, a conservation program in West Africa focusing on rare species of primates, sea turtles and other large vertebrates, with Dr. Gail Hearn, a colleague of Dr. Wayne Morra, Professor of Economics.

Serving as a volunteer, he slept on the picturesque beaches of Equatorial Guinea for three weeks, conducting a census of monkey populations and researching Leatherback Sea Turtle nesting habits. He also helped to set up a new base camp on the beach along with aiding the National Geographic photographers that happened to be onsite. Rader notes that it was the high point of his Biology education, and provided the direction he needed to declare his major.

In the future, Rader will combine his education in Arcadia’s GSEM program with his experience during two tours of duty in Iraq, with the hopes of continuing his patriotic service in Federal Law Enforcement or Intelligence communities.

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