Wellness Services Receives Thank-You from the Water Project

By Purnell T. Cropper | February 14, 2013


In place of its annual Walk for Wellness, Arcadia University’s Wellness Services decided to raise funds for the Water Project last year. The nonprofit aims to provide clean, safe, drinkable water to those who otherwise would go without, and it puts money raised toward digging wells and teaching the communities where wells are installed how to use and maintain them.

Mary Alice Difilippo of Wellness Services explained the decision. “Since we are a global university we wanted to carry that theme for our fundraising. Clean water seems like such a basic right that we take for granted,” she said. “We know in our department how the lack of a basic necessity can affect both body and soul over time.” Difilippo added that the decision to support the Water Project was especially fitting because Wellness Services’ slogan for the past several years has been “How the well are you?”

To raise money, the Wellness Services team, which includes Counseling Services, sought donations in myriad resourceful ways. Staff set up coin drops in high traffic areas around campus; sold “raindrops,” which were then displayed to recognize donors for their thoughtfulness; accepted donations from student-led fundraisers; and ended the whole shebang with a basket raffle in April 2012. In total, the campaign raised $1,800.

Recently, the Water Project sent a thank-you letter to Wellness Services for its support:

“Thanks so much for your generous donation to The Water Project. Your donation will be used to bring clean water to a community in need in Africa. In partnering with us, you have demonstrated real love for your neighbors. We are very thankful for friends like you, who raise both funds and awareness of the need for safe water in the developing world.”

The letter continues: “In just a few months, your gift will be used to construct a water project… and relieve a community from the risk of drinking dirty water, and the burden of carrying water for miles back to their homes.”

The fundraiser was a triumph for the community that received the well and for the Wellness Services team, which had a blast helping others.